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“I just want to thank you for all Your dedication helping me to accomplish my goal to get in the best condition I ever been. I also want to say that the knowledge and experience that you have in Dieting, Training and Posing made it easier for me to get my body into a competition level.  


“I just want to take the time to thank you for prepping me for my 1st competition. You are the true epitome of a professional. I could not have been successful without all your experience, knowledge, and patience. You are a true professional!”


“Andre did an excellent job in preparing me for my competition. Countless hours making sure every pose and positioning was exactly right. You can tell when someone actually enjoys their job and wants to make sure each and every person he comes in contact with is a complete and perfect package. Without a doubt I highly recommend him. One of the best I have ever worked with!”


“I used Andre as my posing coach for my third show. I had never really focused on posing before and learned a lot during our sessions.  Andre is professional and knows how to push you to look your best come show day.”


“Andre is hands down the best posing coach! He has helped me in a way nobody can..by his experience and professionalism of course. But his passion…the way he cares for his craft and how he transmits that into your manditories and routines. Best Posing coach and friend. Thank you Dre.”


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