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At Precision Personal Training, we have our own private gym which gives you the option of training with us or on your own. You can use one of our competition prep specialist to get you prepared to walk on stage, work on improvements during “off season” or just to work on lagging body parts pre-competition. Our Personal Training program is our flagship program. We offer 30, 45, and 60-minute programs depending on your needs and your budget. Our competition Prep workouts incorporate workouts using machines, free weights, body weight, manual resistance, and active recovery techniques developed to keep you moving. If you are fed up and FINALLY want to see the results you want…we will help you to get there!

Competition training boils down to showing the best you possible in a 3-minute window. Don’t make the mistake thinking it is as easy as it looks! Schedule a 60-minute complementary workout today and let us prove to you why we feel we are the best personal training facility in Miami and how we can help you reach your goals.

Get Contest Ready!

Let us assist you with your contest prep & posing. We have a team of experienced fitness and contest prep gurus ready to help you make your goals come true.
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*10 week minimum for posing 


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