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I am an accomplished Soccer player and NATURAL bodybuilder. I have won 11 bodybuilding titles and shows, including overall titles at 2002 MuscleMania Florida and 2002 NGA United States National Bodybuilding Championships. I am a Florida State University graduate and I have been working out for the past 25 years, personal training individuals for the past 19 years, and competed for 8 years. We run a busy personal training facility, and train all shapes and sizes…but taking fitness back its roots of competing is the force that drives my competitive side. Precision Personal Training our doors in 2003 and we are a staple in our community and the industry. We will put our knowledge and experienced team to work for you. Once here, you can rest assured that you will be treated like family and will be given value for your time and money. We have effectively helped thousands of people reach their goals in a fun, light, cleanly, stress free environment. If you are serious about finally reaching your goals. Come to the BEST! Your search is over.


I first stepped foot in a gym my freshman year at Florida State and instantly fell in love…in love with both the feeling that doing weights gave me and…with my then boyfriend and now husband…Marlon. All those competitions you may have read about in his Bio above…I was there for every pain staking moment! I was coach, training partner, food preparer, choreographer and cheerleader. I lived vicariously through him until I finally got the nerve to do a figure competition of my own. MY biggest battle was Courage. I didn’t know it was a National Qualifier, that’s probably why I did it…and I placed 7th in 24 women. I was VERY proud that I didn’t faint on stage. Before I could avenge my placing the next year, we found out I was pregnant with our first child.

I will assist you with the female POV and help with posing, suits choices, makeup options, and backstage help for anyone needing a little extra assistance. We have put together a comprehensive group of experienced coaches that can take you from the idea of competing to the moment you walk off stage.


For over 35 years health and fitness has been my passion and way of life. I began my bodybuilding career in 1983 at the Mr. South Florida Body Building contest. I placed 3rd in the contest, however I was awarded “Best Poser”. It was then that I recognized my abilities and talents to design and choreograph routines for myself as well as for others. Since then I have placed 1st in over 30 shows as well as being awarded numerous “Best Overall” titles. My last contest was at the National level placing 2nd in the Masters division. I currently specialize in condition competitors competing in bodybuilding, physique, figure and bikini categories. My overall objective is to provide conditioning, posing, guidance and support to competitors ranging from novice to professional competition levels. Over the years I have developed my own specialized three tier conditioning and posing program with a high rate of success. Since 1990 I have produced over 200 competitors with a 98% success rate of placing in the top three from local to national level contests. I am confident that I can help you achieve your goals.



Competition History:

1996 Mr. Florida 1st Place (Light Weight Division)

1997 NPC Nationals 6th Place (Light Weight Division)

1999 NPC Southeastern USA 1st Place (Middle Weight Division)

1999 NPC NPC Nationals 2nd Place (Middle Weight Division)

2000 NPC NPC Nationals 6 Place (Middle Weight Division)

2003 NPC Southeastern USA 1st Place (Middle Weight Division)

2003 NPC Nationals 3rd Place (Middle Weight Division)

2013 NPC Southeastern USA 1st place (Middle Weight Div.)

2013 NPC Nationals Top 10 Finish


Contest Prep Specialist: from 2000-Present


My name is Pablo Mills. I have worked with well over 400 athletes in the past 10 years and have an impeccable success and win record. I have helped countless Figure and Fitness Competitors earn their Pro card. I have helped many Bodybuilders receive top 15 placing’s in National level shows. At one point, I had the overall Teenage winner at the Southern States and the Teen Nationals for 4 years consecutively. I have had an overall finisher in the Southern States at least 8 out of the last 11 years. I believe I am the best at what I do and I bring the same winning attitude and accolades, to prove it, with me every time I help coach a competitor. I assure you that my clients get the best help money can buy!



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