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Welcome to Contest Prep and posing website. We have put together a comprehensive place where individuals thinking about competing can find all the help they need to get on stage and be competitive. We can put your entire program together or just supplement particular areas that you need help with. We have extensive knowledge of competing and getting others show ready. There are many areas that contestants overlook when preparing and usually stumble over the same 3 or 4 things. We put the program together in a manner that you are knowledgeable, confident and extremely prepared on show day. Our program is broken down into two basic categories: Competitive Program  – The competitive program will take competitors from 15 to 10 weeks away from a competition and get them ready to compete in their category and class.   Noncompetitive Program – The noncompetitive program will take someone who wants to have that look, but may not necessarily want to step on stage, from that before to after stage.
“I waited too long ….. That’s all I can say. Not only as my conditioning coach a personal friend of mine, Andre would tell me to come to him so he can put the finishing touches that as a competitor we all need . After 3 years of competing I finally went to Andre. What happened next was that I got my first overall win as a bodybuilder, now as a national competitor theirs no way I step on stage without his training . If you want to take it to the next level and get that edge, Andres program is a must !!” -Daniel
“Just want to say “Thank You” to Andre for helping me, with my posing and conditioning.  Makes a big difference when you’re on stage looking and feeling confident. The more practice, the better you’ll be.  Thanks again Andre, for everything.” -Lorraine
“I have been Andre’s client for years. His expertise & guidance have helped me to win 1st Place & Overall in my competitions. He is by far the best in his field of posing and conditioning.” -Rafael
“Thank you Andre for all the knowledge And patience that you had with me, posing is Probably the most important skill that must be learned in bodybuilding and without your knowledge I wouldn’t have been able to show my physique how I did! Thank you!!” -Leo
“Working on your posing is about more than just presentation, it helps put the finishing toucheson your conditioning, and in this sport, conditioning is everything. It can literally mean the difference between 2nd place, and an overall title. Andre Vaughn brings 20+ years of experience, as a bodybuilder, and posing/conditioning specialist. Working with him has helped me get take my physique to the next level!” -Michael
“I’m very thankful to my good friend Andre for helping me all these years to achieve my maximum condition with his help. I couldn’t do it with out u buddy. Posing conditioning is key!” -Johnny
“ I’ve worked with Andre for several years, too many to count. First and foremost, I started training with Andre in highschool during football offseason, in which he did my nutrition regimen and strength training. I’ve learned a lot of the years of training with Andre, on the field and to the national stages of bodybuilding. My very first , NPC competition I had no idea what to expect, I was completely clueless.  In just a 3 competitions I won my first , 1st place trophy in the men’s physique division. After qualifying for Nationals, I won several local competitions placing top 5 which propelled me to national level competitions. Under Andre’s guidance and posing lessons I was able to attain my dream physique – competition after competition.” -Lance

Complimentary Consultation

Best competition coaching in Miami Florida or online coaching. Bikini, Figure, Physique or Bodybuilding specialist. You will be stage ready. Join our team!
WHERE DO I START? It all starts with a discussion about your goals, experience, workout regimen, diet, time line, and budget. Everyone always wants to know the cost. The cost is subject to the services you need help with and items you choose to enroll in. Our team is comprised of Training Specialist, Diets Specialist, Posing Specialist, Makeup Artists and Swimsuit designers. We have our own training facility, but we can coach virtually or if you already have a gym/trainer.

Diet & Nutrition

Your competition diet is one of the most important aspects of the transformation process. Both the most difficult and under rated portion of the journey.

Personal Training

You can train on your own or use one of our competition prep specialist to get you prepared to walk on stage.


There is nothing worse than going through all the motions and get on stage and look out of place. Work with our team to get you prepared for your mandatories and get noticed on stage.

Other Services

We are a full service program that will help you with: Choosing the right competition, registration, suit selection, painting options, music, routines, backstage support, off season prep…

Get Contest Ready!

Let us assist you with your contest prep & posing. We have a team of experienced fitness and contest prep gurus ready to help you make your goals come true.
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*10 week minimum for posing 


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